Kick Off / Xmas Party


1980  Shakespeare Hotel, Stratford on avon?
Beef Wellingtons all around
1981  North - Chateau Impney
 South - Country Hotel near Dorking?
1982  Hotel near Cambridge
Manager tried to close the Bar at midnight because it was Sunday morning!
1983  Shepperton Moat house?
1984  Bracknell?
1985  Heathrow?
1986  Holiday Inn (?) Bristol
Malcolm Hopping as Rambo
1987  Stratford Moat House Hotel (Now Alveston Manor)
Malcolm as Superman
1988  The Grand Hotel Eastbourne
Rooms still damaged by the Hurricane!
1989  Sheraton Skyline Heathrow
1990  Royal Bath Hotel Bournemouth
1991 Europa Hotel in Manchester
Tour of Corrie Studio and Victoria Wood on Piano!
1992  Royal Bath Hotel Bournemouth
1993  Brighton
 Malcolm as the Wizard of Oz, Roger Bateman was the cowardly lion
1994  Thorpe Park?
 Rory Bremner?
19945  Brighton Metropole
 The return of Malcolm!
1996  Welcombe Hotel Stratford on avon?
1998  EuroStorage - Barcelona
1999  EAME -Cyprus - The Germans won the Eurovison
2000  EAME - Crete - The rain; the waves, the flooded rooms
 UK - The Casino night at the Honourable Artillery Company grounds in Finsbury
2001  EAME - Marrakesh
 UK/EHQ - Natural History Museum
2002  EAME - Eurodisney
2003  EAME - Edinburgh
2005  EAME - Monaco
2006  EAME - Barcelona
 UK - Tent in the Car Park

The Others but what years?

   Nightclub/Hotel on the River at Marlow (twice?)
   Runnymede Hotel
   Moat House Shepperton
   Post House Hotel at Heathrow
  Hotel in Bournemouth (2 or 3 times)
Had a casino in same building