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The Passenger List for the voyage of the Camden from Gravesend and Portsmouth, England to Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia

The voyage was advertised to leave Gravesend on the 10th February 1836, and picking up Passengers at Portsmouth on the 18th February. However the arrival list states she left the Downs on the 22nd so there must have been a delay for some reason. The Camden was supposed to have been under the command of John Lobban, she arrived at Port Jackson, Sydney on the 2nd of June 1836  and the Master was listed as Valentine Ryan, was the change in the Master the reason for the late departure or was it the death of William Harvey Smee? (see notes below)

The transcription below is based on

1. A poor quality reproduction of the handwritten Arrival Report
2. The list in the "Commercial Journal and Advertiser" published Sydney Saturday 6th June 1836
3. The Colonial Secretaries Bounty Return completed by Alexander McLeay

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Patriarchs of Smee Families in Australia are shown here  

The Bounty Passengers are marked thus B

Report of a Ship arrived in Port Jackson, this 2 Day of June 1836
Vessels name _______ Camden
Tonnage ___________ 432
Master's Name _____ Valentine Ryan
From Whence _______ London
When Sailed ________ Downs 22 February
Lading _____________ Merchandize
Agent ______________  
PASSENGERS NAMES shown on Passenger list Published in Commercial Journal and Advertiser

The Right Revd Lord Bishop Broughton, Lady and two Daughters

Miss Anley  
Miss Lumsdaine   
Miss Davis  
Miss Harper  
Miss Grey  
Miss Collins  
Mr George McKenzie  
Mr William Boydell  
Mr John Lyon  
Mr John Kelso  
Mr William McQuoid  
Mr Michael Besnard  
Mr Michael Metcalf  
Mr John Davis  
Mr John Tassell  
Mr George Knight  
Mr Henry Lumsdaine  
Masters Alexander, William and John  Lumsdaine Masters Abraham, William and John Lumsdaine
Mr John Abrahams Does not appear
Steerage Information from Bounty Return Commercial Journal and Advertiser
Mr Thomas  Petty   Mr Thomas  Petty
Mrs  Petty   Mrs  Petty
Jane Petty   Jane Petty
Mrs M Oliver   Mrs Oliver
Fanny Oliver   Miss Fanny Oliver

Mrs  Elizabeth  Wilkins

  Mrs  Elizabeth  Wilkins
Jane Wilkins   Jane and Eliza Wilkins
Elizabeth Wilkins   See above
Louisa Williams   does not appear
Mrs  Margaret  Williams and one child B 25 and a Female Child Miss Mary Williams and Child
Mrs  Fanny Tolfre   Mr J Tolfre
Mrs  Mary Boyt B 23 and a Male Child Mrs  Mary Boyt
Mrs  Sarah Beach B 25 Mrs  Sarah Beach
Mrs  Charlotte Luke B 27 Possibly Lake Mrs  Charlotte Luke
Mrs Mary Thompson B 23 Mrs Mary Thompson
Mrs Helen SmeeB 33
Name is actually Eleanor Smee
Mrs Mary Snell
Mary Ann Cantle B 24 Does not appear
Mrs Mary Ann Good   Mrs Mary Good and Child
Mrs Mary Landsborough ???? Child B 25 and a Female Child
Surname Lownsborough
Mrs Mary Landsborough and child
Jane Holmes 
(it appears the Clerk stated writing a B  and changed his mind)
This is William Smee's Step-daughter Jane Holmes
James Cole   James Cole
Joseph Lloyd   Joseph Lloyd
Charles Williams B 26 Bread and Biscuit maker Charles Williams
William Smee B 34 Agriculturalist William Snell
William Boyt B 26 William Boyt
Nathaniel Good   Nathaniel Good
William Cantle B 25 Engineer William Cantle
William Thompson B 32 Carpenter and Joiner William Thompson
Thomas Beach B 31 Gardener and Labourer Thomas Beach
Robert Landsborough B 25 Gardener
Surname Lownsborough
Robert Landsborough
William Luke B 26 Carpenter and Joiner William Luke
John Trotter   John Protter

Thos Jeffrey
Line Surveyor.


William Smee
is William Randolph Smee, who became a school teacher in Sydney, Helen Smee is really Eleanor Smee nee Mossman formerly Holmes, Jane Holmes is his Step-daughter.
The Governor's Bounty return shows William as having arrived with Wife and one Male Child, however a letter to England written by Eleanor Mossman's brother from Sydney in 1843 only talks about 2 sons born in Austalia.
William's Death certificate states he had 2 living Sons and one deceased (2 sons are known to have been born in Australia)
William and Eleanor's son, William Harvey Smee, was born September 1835, and was buried in Rotherhithe 19 February 1836, was he taken ill on the Camden, and caused the delay?

Michael Besnard
According to Geoff Bentley 2010
Michael Besnard was almost certainly Nicholas Richard Besnard of Cork, brother of Thomas Pope Besnard (who arrived Hobart as Mr Bernard on the ‘William’ on 7 Mar 1833 and then Sydney as Thomas Burnard on the ‘Gulnare’ on 21 Mar 1833 – Nicholas joined him on the property ‘Douglas’); brother of Robert Langford Besnard (who arrived Sydney ex Hobart on the ‘Matchless’ on 30 Apr 1835 – may have arrived Hobart on the ‘Scotia’ on 5 Nov 1833); and brother of John Besnard 1806-1861, the well-known emigration agent who remained in Cork.  All sons of Peter Besnard, elected Mayor of Cork in Sep 1836.

Nathaniel Good
According to Jewelly Goode 2015
Nathaniel Good on the ship returns with his wife Mary Ann Good and child.
Nathaniel 37 is John Samuel Good, a Confectioner and Baker as listed on the Bounty return his age matches his Death Certificate.
Mary Ann (not sure where Mary came from) is Ann Collier who would have been 30 according to her death certificate which lists Hampshire as place of birth.
Her child Alfred would have been 6 according to his baptism and death certificates.

I find the lack of Married ladies (except the Bishop's Wife) in Cabin Class rather strange, if the entries actually say Mrs, both I and the Newspaper have made the same Mistake

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