A Web Site on 3 levels

This Research web site runs on 3 levels - Not all levels are always updated at the same time, User access is at the Webmaster's discretion.
  1. Public Access - http://findour.name
    Aimed to get people to contact me if they find a name they are interested in.
    Names are not linked into Family Groups
    Dates are only displayed for persons born more than 120 years ago or are known to have died
  2. Research Database - http://thesmeefamily.com
    For people who contact me for information and are prepared to either share (requested) information or prepared to make a donation towards further research.
    These pages show Family Groups and Census Information, they do not show details for persons (not known to have died) who were born less than 120 years ago
  3. Family Access -
    Strictly Invitation only for those willing to share information (dates and places) about all family members, this area includes all known dates and Places, Photographs and some documentation.

3 web Sites are supported by this Research site, they serve as Front ends for the one-name studies




If a UK date is shown as Month and Year only, it is a Registration date and represents the last month of the quarter in which the event was registered, the actual date may be up to 12 months previously (legally, although in one case the birth was registered 30 years after the actual date) If you know a correct date please let me know?

The software I use marks a person as Living if the person is a Death Date has not been entered and birth was less than 120 years ago, if you come across someone that you know a death date for please let me know?

I use 3 prefixes for dates

  • Cal
    I use this for Calculated, when a date has been worked backwards from an age shown on a BMD Certificate or Census
  • Bef
    I use this for Before, when a Birth date has been worked backwards from a Baptism or similar date, also when a father is shown as Deceased on a Marriage (or Birth) Certificate.
  • Abt
    I use this for About when a date has been gleaned from a source that does not indicate how the date has been arrived at.

UK Local Government is a movable feast, and Parish, Town and County borders have meandered over the Years.  Places have grown and new identities formed and old ones abolished. Towns and Cities are NOT incorporated in most cases, Local Taxation causes riots in the streets and opposite sides of a suburban Street can be in different Counties. The departments that register Births, Deaths and Marriages don't actually care if you are registering the event in the correct office.

So, please don't get too het up if you think your relative was born in Henley, Berkshire and I have it entered as Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. They are the same place.

Equally Gainsborough is in both Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Most of London was in Middlesex for a long time - Most of Middlesex is now London
Some of South West and South London was in Surrey

Some Towns are especially confusing, Richmond might be in Surrey or London or Yorkshire!
Kingston is also in many places, it means the place where Kings were Crowned - England used to be many Kingdoms! The United Kingdom is more than England, Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland - Don't forget
Wessex, Cornwall, Mercia and Northumbria.

For simplicity I use the term Tasmania to represent both the modern day state and the Island known as Van Dieman's land.

As far as I am concerned, Jerusalem was in Palestine in 1939 - the state of Israel had not been recognised by any legal Government, my father served in the British Army in that area during World War 2 and was far from happy when he saw men he thought of as Terrorists guilty of murder being appointed Head of State some years later.

Some families have been researched far more than others
Smee, Winks and Bullwinkle have

  1. EVERY entry for England/Wales BMD between 1837-2003
  2. Most of the England/Wales Census Entries 1861-1901
  3. As many Scottish Records as I can afford
  4. The vast majority of relevant data from the LDS records
  5. A fairly exhaustive sweep of Australia and New Zealand Data
    please see credits listed Here
  6. The Social Security Death records of the USA (those publicly available)
  7. BMD Records for those US states that Publish them electronically
  8. A growing collection of the US Census Records

The depth of Drilling into families varies immensely, this site grows at about 750 names a month, as of March 2006 there over 26,000 individuals.

 Black sheep?

From -
Chicken Stealers to Revolutionaries
Bigamists to Murderers
Illegitimate Children to War Heroes
Firemen Heroes to Fraudsters

 They are all here!

If you suddenly find you have more Siblings than you knew about, please let me know?

If you think I am defaming a relative it is accidental, please let me know and I will correct it immediately, don't bother suing me, the Records Office have all my money! 

1. Please respect the privacy of the living

2. Some of the Index pages are VERY large (over 1 megabyte), please allow pages to download completely before scrolling down

3. Any and all Corrections, additions or ANY additional Information (dates, marital status, Occupation, Location) are welcome.

Pete Smee
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