Anna Maria or Hannah Maria ?
The Firth Mystery

I am having problems identifying a lady correctly - she was the Wife of my Great Great Grand Uncle Albert George Winks, several Internet sources appear to be reproducing themselves containing incorrect Information.

I have 3 possible alternatives and would appreciate if anyone can "eliminate the suspect from our enquiries" by identifying a Marriage or death?

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Hannah Maria Firth
Born Shitlington, Bretton, Wakefield, Yorks on 6 July 1843.
Parents John Firth (a Miner) and Maria Hale

Anna Maria Firth
Born Hunslet, Yorks on 17 Feb 1845.
Parents Matthew Firth (a Dyer) and Mary Jackson

Hannah Firth
Born Wortley, Hunslet, Yorks on 27 Feb 1845.
Parents William Firth (a Cloth Dresser) and Sarah Stockdill (?)
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this Hannah died 24 November 1846 aged 8 months, the address is similar to the above birth? Did Hannah born 27 feb 1845 die and another Hannah was born before March 1846?

We move forward to the 1861 England Census

John and Maria Firth have moved to Thornhill, Yorks
John is still a Coal Miner
Hannah Maria is 17, working as a House Servant

Matthew Firth and Mary Jackson may have moved to Primrose Hill, Wakefield, Yorks
but.. where is Anna Maria?

Alternatively this family is still in Hunslet
Widow Mary is Head of Household, Hannah is 16, a Domestic Servant.

Anna Maria apparently arrived with her family in New York April 30 1866 on the John Bright,  but she is listed as Ann M aged 21, the rest of the children's names align to Matthew's family in 1861 but :-
1) Matthew is 46
2) Mother is listed as Margaret aged 46
3) The rest of the kids don't appear to have aged since 1861?

One of the 2 surviving girls married to Albert George Winks (b 1841 Ashby-de-la-Zouch) who had been in Italy with his brother fighting with Garibaldi.
 In the 1870 Census Albert and Hannah are living in Maryland  and Hannah is 27 (born 1843)
Children -
Mary A (4)
Henry (2)
Clara (4 months)

I have been told repeatedly the marriage took place in New York in 1869, which raises questions about the Parentage of Mary Ann and Henry, but that is a different story!

Albert died in 1871 and Hannah (pregnant) travelled to Utah and remarried.

She is listed in 1880 as Hannah Cribbs aged 35.
Surname should be Krebs
Son Henry had presumably not survived the journey or had a disease claimed both Father and Son?
Mary Ann Winks(14)
Clara Jane (10)
and another son Albert George Winks (8)

There are also 3 "Cribbs" Children born after the second marriage , the eldest is 4 years old.

And look who is living next door -- Matthew and Mary Firth and the rest of the kids off the John Bright.

On that basis, many people have identified this Hannah as being the Daughter of Matthew Firth and Mary Jackson, but I have my doubts?

What appears certain is that the Hannah Winks (nee Firth) was NOT born 27 Feb 1845
Any help would be appreciated

Pete Smee
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